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Glass tableware is safer to use correctly


 Original title: the correct use of glass tableware safer

For office workers, due to the long-term use of heating glass tableware is not easy to change, not easy to produce odor become more family meal choices, but also from time to time due to improper use, and news of the explosion or collision heating. Product experts said, glass material, production process is different, the use of the scope is not the same, the correct understanding and use of glass tableware, will be more secure.
Heat resistant glass thermal shock resistance
According to Huang Dapeng, director of Beijing LOCK&LOCK Trading Co., Ltd. product training, the market is divided into three types of common glass: ordinary glass, tempered glass, heat-resistant glass. Ordinary glass components are mainly sodium and calcium, there is no special property, commonly used in early doors and windows, the biggest advantage lies in its low cost, low price. Toughened glass is made on the basis of ordinary glass chemical or physical two tempering treatment, the hardness is higher than ordinary glass. The force is damaged, showing particles obtuse, safety glass are able to more safely protect the personal safety, so it is widely used, commonly used in indoor and outdoor glass partition glass curtain wall and the car windshield glass etc.. Heat-resistant glass is most widely used in kitchen utensils, the heat is added boric acid, strong silicic acid component based on ordinary glass, can withstand rapid temperature changes, cause borosilicate manufacturing, also known as vycol.
Huang Dapeng said, in the company of LOCK&LOCK glass products as an example, the use of theory in the temperature range between -20 -400 DEG C, able to withstand the thermal shock temperature changes between 120 DEG -150 deg. This concept can be understood as the glassware from the freezer (freezing temperature refrigerator room in the B15 --18 DEG C) removed after directly into boiling water (under standard atmospheric pressure boiling water temperature is 100 DEG C), the difference in temperature is 120 DEG C, so heat glassware will not burst, not only can refrigerated, dishwasher, microwave oven and can also be used for electric oven.
Toughened glass breakage
Often on the Internet to see some of the glass tableware explosion news, what kind of glass will explode? Huang Dapeng said that the high probability of ordinary glass and tempered glass explode, but due to the current market the use of ordinary glass making glass tableware is very rare, most of them use toughened glass and Pyrex glass.
Experts said that toughened glass prone to explosion, there are two main reasons: first, the production process of the internal stress generated.
Toughened glass production, high temperature melting, placed directly in the extremely cold environment in cooling, in the production process will produce a large internal stress, meet external shock conditions, there will be explosive spatter situation. The process of heat resistant glass melting is different from the direct cooling of tempered glass, but in the slow cooling furnace for slow cooling, can consume the internal stress of the glass, so the glass structure is more stable. Although the use of the process will occur in the case of rupture, but will not burst and flying phenomenon. Second, toughened glass contains impurities nickel sulfide, the impurities exist in the glass, the stability of the glass structure. Therefore, in daily use, it is not recommended to ordinary glass and tempered glass into the microwave oven heating, easy to produce security risks.
Safe use
Heat-resistant glass can withstand thermal shock, why will have some broken situation? Huang Dapeng explained that the glass in the course of normal use if the concussion, internal crack small can not see the naked eye, the influence of structural stability, when subjected to external influence, it may produce rupture. Therefore, in daily use, in order to avoid rupture and other problems, we must pay attention to the following matters:
1 when used in the refrigerator freezer, the volume should not exceed 2/3 of the container; glassware in a closed or semi closed state, to avoid the liquid if the juice, broth, milk, porridge, etc.. Because of the expansion of the volume of frozen food, will lead to product damage.
2 when heated in the microwave oven, be sure to open the lid. Although the box cover is made of PP (cold / heat temperature of B20 DEG -120 DEG), seal the silicone resin pad (cold / heat temperature of B40 DEG -200 DEG), but influenced by thermal expansion and contraction, will cause the lid cannot be opened or deformation problems, affecting sealing products.
3 careful use of the steamer, such as steamed fish, steamed Dangeng, steamer and heat-resistant glass pressure is easy to generate pressure reaction, the glass produced fine cracks.
4 avoid the use of steel ball to avoid scratches. Avoid the use of hard objects such as steel spoon beat, so as not to cause damage. JINGWAH Times reporter Sun Shaojun JINGWAH times cartography Wu Shangnan
Original title: the correct use of glass tableware safer
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