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A magical beauty of the transparent glass


 There is a special beauty like a transparent texture of the glass, and the transparent material and let it play a special role in bright light, expanding the space in the home. If used properly, the building materials of glass materials for home life to create a romantic, fun atmosphere. However, professional designers also pointed out that the glass because of its transparent, fragile characteristics, the use of privacy and security issues should also be considered. In this period, JINGWAH Home Furnishing with its role in the home use glass classification introduced.
Bright light to increase transparency
In the case of insufficient light in space, the use of tempered glass or glass brick as part of the wall or the top surface material, can effectively enhance the brightness of space, so that the space is more transparent and bright. Le Wu Lize shop Jiezhuang designer Yan Yongfeng pointed out that, by 8mm, 10mm, 12mm thick toughened glass material is high temperature resistant and corrosion resistant, bearing, safety, market reference price 90 - 200 yuan / square meter. In addition, it can be used to do the study, kitchen partition wall, or with tempered glass, glass tiles do toilet partition, the dark Wei into the Ming Wei, but also in the LOFT, with tempered glass to do the mezzanine floor.
Although the glass wall, the top surface of other materials do not have a sense of vision, but fragile, weakness and poor sound insulation are also very prominent in the decision before use, the owners should consider the family members, such as whether to have children, and their impact on privacy will not be accepted as family. Yao Yibin, director of BOLONI soft decoration designer pointed out that you can use curtains or frosted glass decoration, to increase privacy. If the use of glass tiles as a wall, both bright brightness can be raised, it will not expose the situation inside the wall, while increasing privacy, but the overall sense and the modern sense is not as good as the whole tempered glass. If used in the bathroom, in the seal must use a neutral mold glass glue, to avoid damp moldy in the bathroom.
Transparent partition noble
In the home, often used as an art glass partition, and plexiglass began to use in home design. Yan Yongfeng pointed out that the art of glass as a partition, although the cost is higher, but bright and artistic sense, can reduce the isolation of two spaces, the visual space will be expanded. And in the door on the use of frosted glass, art glass and other materials to do the entrance, you can say that there are still off the decorative effect, but also a good choice. In addition, the art glass partition, the construction cycle is short, no need to paint a molding, a strong sense of modern and good water resistance, not afraid of wet environment, can be used in the kitchen, bathroom, living room and other space. At the same time art glass color, rich and colorful patterns, can also be customized, so suitable for a variety of styles.
Art glass has antique, deep carving, forging, polycrystalline, texture color carving and other crafts, due to different technology, the price is also a gap, generally around 300-1200 yuan / square meter. Yao Yibin reminder, the use of art glass can play a hidden role of privacy, but the installation requires a fixed frame, to be strong, to avoid improper installation caused by the elderly, children hurt.
Perfect romantic
As a kind of transparent material, glass can be used as a perfect "background color", fully show and increase the beauty of other decorative elements. At home, can also be made of glass windows in the process, with dried flowers, Ganzhi, decorative stone, shells and other rich and colorful material "scenery", become a major bright spot in the home. In addition, as long as give full play to the imagination, creativity, the use of glass materials to the ceiling, stair handrails, screens, furniture, appropriate embellishment can make the atmosphere becomes romantic, delicate and interesting. Yao Yibin pointed out that some shapes such as weight is too large, you can use organic transparent acrylic glass instead of ordinary tempered glass, such as coffee table and table.
Yan Yongfeng also provides a decorative scheme, in order to make the ground decoration level and change, make platform with tempered glass in the balcony, library or other suitable place, the inner platform can do with all kinds of decorative stones, shells, color glass ball, with spotlights made of light, can form a prominent personality, have a unique style decorative expression.